> PART I | Introduction | 30 min

Presentation Circular Product Design – A Multiple Loops Life Cycle Design Approach for the Circular Economy (Key-note presentation)

  • The workshop  goals and summary of the approach (‘Technical’ and ‘Biological’ cycles/four life cycle design strategies) will be presented and explained, using concept slides and case examples.
  • Discussion

PART II | Group Project |  100 min

Project Group Concept Development 

  • Participants are requested to work in groups of 4 on a concept development project using one or more of the two cycles/four strategy loops groups: 1) ‘Design for a Technical Cycle’ with ‘slow the loop strategies’; 2) ‘Design for a Technical Cycle’ with ‘close the loop strategies’; 3) ‘Design for a Biological Cycle’ with ‘bio-inspired loop strategies’; 4) ‘Design for a Biological Cycle’ with ‘bio-based loop strategies’ (Worksheets will be provided to support the group project development. No pre-workshop preparation is required).

Coffee Break | 20 min

Part III – Focus Group and Critical Reflection | 60 min

Presentation |Groups Presentation and Discussion

  • Groups are invited to present their main results in an oral presentation  | 10 min / group.
  • After the presentations, a reflective group discussion will be held on the results | 20 min.
  • Brief conclusions will be generated.

Total Capacity: 25 participants